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Our carpentry services are available in any area located in Gauteng. Our carpentry service is fast, reliable. We only use carpenters that are qualified and reliable.

We do any kind of carpentry services. We build any wood frames for doors and windows. The woods we use are good quality and you won’t be disappointed in it. You can also choose which would you prefer.
We also install wooden floors and ceilings in your house or company. We sell a wide range of office furniture.

We as a carpenter company also do installations of any kind. We do installations on all wooden frame doors and windows. We do it fast and perform good quality work. We only use qualified carpenters to install the products to the customer. We are here to satisfy our customers’ needs and wants….
Our carpenter company also provides machinery that can be used for all carpentry services. We do repairs on machinery and you get a guarantee for 6 months on the work done by our employers.


e also sell machinery provided for carpentry purposes. Our products are top brand and you get free help on how to use the machinery. Our machinery also gets a 24 month guarantee and warranty. A user manual is also included and you can phone us 24/7 on any help that we can provide.
On your premises we will also inform you on all our decisions prior to repairing and installing products. We are here to help you answer any questions on carpentry as you require. We are qualified in our services.

Our carpentry company also provide a new service which is online carpenter courses. You can get qualified as a carpenter. We do have a training centre in different areas in Gauteng. Phone us today to get the list of companies that provide training in your area. We do give modules as well to refresh your mind on carpentry and to keep you up to date on the new products etc. on the market.

One of our limited services we provide is building of wooden boats. Unfortunately we don’t deliver these boats as it is too costly. If you have got your own design on a wooden boat and would like us to build it for you, you are more than welcome to send us the design and we will build it recording to your needs with the best quality wood.

Please phone, email us today to get us the best carpentry company in Gauteng to satisfy your needs. We are here to make your dreams come true and serve you with the best quality work.
We use only the best products and employees in our company.

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